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Kifaru Safaris Tanzania
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Welcome to Kifaru Safaris Tanzania

Kifaru Safaris is a family owned business with experience of more than 25years, with a mission of providing a highly professional and personalized tour operation in Tanzania and Kenya. As a well established company with experienced personnel and new four wheel drives to meet our clientele needs.

Our network of various tour operators in the world assures you a well and fascinating journey and adventure in an amazing land of Tanzania including wildlife safaris to make your stay unforgettable, mountain climbing to make it audacious and lastly the beach to relax you, leaving you with a memorable experience with the humble Swahili cultured people of our land.


Our motto and tradition has been to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable at the same time to maintain the efficiency in our highly personalized service.

Safari is more than a word; it is a siren call for the travelling soul. For the fortunate who have felt its magic… safari is a magnetic memory, calling them back. In truth, safari is often an once-in-a-lifetime experience—so it makes sense to travel with the best….And that’s Kifaru Safaris. To us, safari is more than just a business. It is a way of life. Africa is our home, exploring it is our passion… and delighting our guests is what truly drives us.

We look forward to welcoming you to the family!